junya ishigami: picnic at interieur 2010 kortrijk

japanese architect and designer junya ishigami is this year's guest of honor at the interieur biennale in kortrijk, belgium.
the installation 'picnic' is a mise-en-scene of his furniture 'drop table', 'garden plate' and 'family' chairs, produced by italian
manufacturer living divani  ... in a 'light and white' world, where dreams and reality meet.

conventionally, furniture is considered to be no more than tools to its users.
ishigami explores this notion by proposing 'celebratory furniture' which blends in with the activity of the people and into
the surrounding environment. tables and chairs are arranged in the space and mimic a crowd of socializing people:
'chairs embrace or turn away from each other, or form a line and hold hands. they may even form a circle around the garden,' says ishigami.
'distorted chairs around the table look like a family talking to each other'.

from designboom

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